Keeping Your Home a Safe Workplace During a Pandemic

Posted: March 19, 2020
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Four hundred years before the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Wuhan, China, a philosopher from that country was purported to have said “May you live in interesting times.” While taken at face value, this sounds like a blessing, it’s meant to be used ironically. Life is happier in “uninteresting times” of calmness than in times when toilet paper is a commodity and an ounce of hand sanitizer costs more than a gallon of gasoline.

After having bought some time with travel restrictions and quarantines, the 2019 novel coronavirus has hit the New York City area affecting nearly every aspect of daily life. Schools are on hiatus, subway cars are empty, even Broadway where “the show must go on” is taking a break for a month. Social distancing is the new normal and a growing number of businesses are encouraging their employees to work from home.

Along with policemen, emergency workers and delivery people, a segment of the workforce that doesn’t have the option of working from home are industrial tradesmen. For these reliable plumbers and general electricians who are on hand for simple installations and emergencies, your home is their temporary workplace. And just like any place of work operating during these times, precautionary measures that are in keeping with public health guidelines should be taken to limit potential exposure for everyone.

If you’re quarantined or sick, don’t let it get in the way of taking care of any electrical emergency you may be experiencing by calling a NYC emergency electrician. For your safety, PK & Altman Electric has instituted a daily health check with all employees advising of their own health and those in their homes.



In keeping with World Health Organization guidelines regarding workplace readiness, we have provided our electricians with disinfectants so they may clean any surfaces in your home that they may have come in contact with (countertops, breaker boxes, light switches, outlets, etc…)

This will ensure safety first.



During your visit your electrician will have to forego customary pleasantries like shaking your hand. They will be provided with masks and gloves and will most likely keep a safety distance of six feet. This is in no manner a judgement of you or your home, it’s merely a precautionary measurent to ensure everyone’s safety.

These are indeed “interesting times,” but as New Yorkers we’re better equipped to deal with emergencies than most. We survived September 11th, the 2003 blackout and Superstorm Sandy. We will survive this.


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