Light Up Your Home - 6 Tips And Tricks

Posted: December 27, 2018
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Tired of the same boring lights in your home and want an upgrade or are you decking out a new place with lights, we have some tips and tricks that will benefit you in choosing what works for you. There is some research that suggests some lights are better than others as far as health and well-being is concerned.

Lighting has come a long way from when it was first invented to becoming a basic necessity for everyone. There are a number of reasons why we need light from health to making our lives better. Our body has evolved into the natural light and dark cycle and artificial lights have changed this balance. Due to prolonged exposure to artificial light during the night, our bodies get confused and cause many imbalances. We naturally expect our bodies to adapt to this but over time this can lead to various complications. To battle this you can follow the following tips and tricks to ensure you are not adding lights at the expense of your health. If you want to know all the specifics from the experts, contact PK&Altman licensed electricians at 212-673-9400.


Here are some tips to help you with lighting

  1. Try and light all the working spaces in the kitchen. Use all kinds of lights to achieve this. From downlighters, pendants to strips under the above cupboards. What you must strive to do is to create multiple sources of light rather than having just one bright source.

  2. Downlights must be the last addition to your lighting. Add other kinds of lights before you add downlights to create an interesting lighting setup. Downlights are never that exciting. With downlights, you can get functional lighting but it is never exciting.

  3. Think about lighting controls well in advance. Factor in multiple things before you zero in on your solution. Think about kids being to reach them, where you might operate them from and if you require two-way lighting or if you need them at all.

  4. Maximize the daylight. It may sound silly but use as much daylight as possible when you can. Have your place designed in such a way that you have access to an ample amount of daylight indoors during the day. This creates the illusion of a bigger place due to the presence of abundant natural daylight and as an added bonus you can reduce your energy consumption as well.

  5. If you are getting a new place built, don't wait until the end to figure out your lighting systems. Make sure you have some plan regarding your lighting as some changes can be made in the building as per your lighting needs if you have your requirements mapped out before the building is constructed.

  6. Make it a point to sleep in complete darkness or use amber/red shades of light turned down as low as possible. According to research, we need little or no light for our natural sleep cycle to happen efficiently. When we fall asleep, our bodies repair our body by releasing natural healing hormones. These hormones reduce depression and can even fight off some dangerous illnesses like cancer. So it is essential to follow this. We suggest you use amber lights as soon as it gets dark to facilitate the natural release of melatonin (sleeping hormone).


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